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Products and Services

Harrison Electro Mechanical Corp. (HEM) offers a wide range of products and services. We provide custom HVAC Controls Solutions for Commercial Buildings. From hardware design, installation, field services and commissioning, Harrison Electro Mechanical is the experts you need. Read about our capabilities below.

The PACE® System, invented by General Electronic Enterprises Inc., offers electric or hydronic heating to a buildings perimeter through a complex set of digital algorithms. This HVAC Controls solution provides for minimized heat for a building based on outside weather conditions. WebCTRL®, along with additional associated technologies by Automated Logic Corporation, allows for the creation of various customizable HVAC controls solutions. These technologies make your building “smarter and green”.

System Warranty Service, System Maintenance Service, and Emergency Service are provided in creating a complete end to end HVAC controls solution. These services allow us to help you to run your building more effectively and efficiently. System Concepts, Engineering Support, and Drafting are important tools to move a project forward. Our careful and persistent work in these areas is crucial to developing HVAC Controls solutions that meet a project's criteria. System Startup, System Checkout, and Operator Training give assurance to all parties that the final HVAC Controls System is ready to operate. Taking these steps helps to fortify the confidence in our relationship.

General Electronic Enginereeing Inc


  • Unique State of the Art Concept
  • Responsive to building exposures
  • Passive solar heating

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  • Custom equipment algorithms
  • Distributed Digital Control (DDC)
  • Advanced HVAC Control Concepts

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Field Services

  • System Warranty Service
  • System Maintenance Service
  • Emergency Service

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  • System Concepts
  • Engineering Support
  • Drafting

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  • Control Panel Assembly
  • Installation Supervision
  • Electrical Control Installation

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  • System Startup and Checkout
  • Operator Training
  • Follow on Support