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Company Profile

Harrison Electro Mechanical Corp. (HEM) is a HVAC Controls Company located in New Jersey. The company provides custom HVAC Controls Solutions for Commercial Buildings.

Our professional staff utilizes HVAC controls knowledge and experience effectively. They also incorporate the current configuration of the mechanical and architectural aspects of a facility when assessing the requirements for a client’s HVAC controls needs. This approach allows us to give a candid and inclusive solution for new and existing customers.

By upholding to chosen methods and best practices, we continue to build upon quality work, experience and customer loyalty. This applies to “Design and Build” and “Plan and Spec” work. Our utilization of advanced technology and with a strong emphasis on customer service allows HEM to offer a true end to end solution.

Multifaceted as an Authorized Dealer for Automated Logic Corporation (WebCTRL®) and General Electronic Enterprises (PACE® Systems) and by also being a controls manufacturing company, places us in a unique position. This positioning enables us to implement solutions with our own specialty controls and sensors as well as with the multitude of technologies that are available from our technology partners. Moreover, we offer service agreements that will provide you with the continuous care you need as our client.

From analysis to implementation and from implementation to startup and finally to ongoing service no stone will be left unturned when offering the best HVAC controls solutions.

Milestones photo


  • 1975 - Introduced PACE® Perimeter Heat Control Concept
  • 1980 - Added Multiple Exposure Solar Response to PACE® Sequence
  • 1989 - Authorized Dealer for Automated Logic Corporation
  • 1991 - Launched PACE® Direct Digital Control(DDC) Version

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  • Received an Appreciation Award for representing Automated Logic Corporation for 25 years.
  • Instrumental in development of various patents
    1. PACE® “Electrical Heating Control System” for Perimeter Heaters
    2. PACE® “Modular Power Controller Assembly” for Perimeter Heater Electrical Power Distribution Circuit Panel
    3. PACE® “Hot Water Heating Control System” for Perimeter Heaters
    4. PACE® “Valve Controller for Hot Water Heating System”
    5. OPTIMAL “Fire Prevention Systems and Methods”